As we head into the final months of 2016 our outlook remains cautious, however, deal velocity continues to be strong. We are seeing many new and exciting opportunities for our retail clients in new construction but more commonly in repurposing of existing large format retail boxes. High quality grocers, off-price/mid-size box apparel, full service and QSR restaurants plus theater/entertainment are the key components to drive strong traffic throughout the day and evening while providing an experience an entire family can enjoy. We are currently active with 98 retail companies in various capacities and geographies and are fortunate to be helping to shape the future retail shopping experience. In addition to Tenant Representation, we have grown the Landlord Representation business to in excess of 5.2M square feet and have recently added resources and moved to larger offices in New York and Florida. We continue to shape and build the Katz team and community. We are hosting several events throughout the year in a continued effort to build a culture that embraces the changing work/live/shop environment around us.

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